Smashed screen? Slow computers? We’ll fix it

Computer Repairs and Networking

Broken your home/office network? Abobey can help if you’re having networking issues. From the home user with wireless, which constantly drops out to a business which needs their IT network upgraded to allow for their growth. Worried about losing those all important file if your computer(s) crash? No problem. Abobey can install and setup a complete backup solution for you home or office. The advantage of a backup system will not be known until, one day…BOOM, your computer with all those important files has blown up. Customer invoices have disappeared, No problems, the backup system will have kept copies of those important documents…Panic over.

Every now and then ‘Computer Says No!’ Whether its running slowly, broken or just completely given up… Abobey can help. With over 20 years of experience in IT we are confident that we can fix all computer issues!

Repairs available

Here’s some of the computer repairs we can fix inhouse…

  • Servicing – Is your Laptop or Desktop running slower than usual? We offer a full service to remove any Virus/ Malware etc which includes a clean up to ensure that its running as quickly as it did when you first bought it

  • Laptop Screen replacement – Dropped your Laptop and smashed the screen? No problem Abobey can replace the screen and it’ll be as good as new.

  • Laptop Keyboard replacement – Keyboard missing keys? No problem, we’ll replace your keyboard

  • Hard Drive replacement – computer stopped working? A common cause is Hard drive failure. We can replace your computers hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

  • CMOS battery replacement – Did you know there’s a small battery in your computer or Laptop, Nope? We do, and we know how important it is! A dead CMOS battery can cause all sorts of problems

  • Repairing overheating processor – Does your computer get HOT??? This can be repaired easily

  • Hard Drive upgrades – are you running out of room to save those important files or pictures on your desktop or Laptop

  • Memory Upgrades – Need more memory? That latest program not running quick enough? Why not ask us to upgrade your RAM?

  • Hard Drive recovery – So your computer has died and you’ve lost everything, from those holiday photos to those important excel spreadsheets. Our lives are on a hard drive and when that goes, usually, that means costly recovery fees. Contact Abobey and we shall endeavour to do our best to recover all those missing files.